Sun-Lite Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Shenzhen,China
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    About Us

    Sun-Lite technology Co., Ltd. is a specialist in LED lighting components and semi-products. 

    As a professional manufacturer, Sun-Lite is well-equipped with sophisticated and advanced automatic machines. We devote our efforts in every step of the production process from dies bonding, wire bonding epoxy encapsulating and bin sorting, to the finishing products. 

    As we monitor every step of the production process, we ensure that our products meet all criteria required by the ISO9001: 2000.

    Our lighting supplies are not limited to components, but also include semi-products. Our company is currently manufacturing four types of LED products:  

    • LED Flood light
    • LED Fluorescent Tube
    • LED Bulbs
    • LED Panel Light

    With a variety of choices available to our clients, our supplies are widely applied in both industrial and general/household uses. This includes the automotive, electronics and telecommunications industries, as well as home interiors. We work closely with our clients to guarantee their complete satisfaction. With our energetic and knowledgeable research and development team, we are engaged in developing new products in order to lead society into the new LED Era. 

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